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Prevention vs Correction

The state of overall skin in parts of the world varies. As such, in certain parts of Europe, there is a clear difference between how they deal with, and view skin, versus how we do in America. It seems a bit counter intuitive to make such a claim, especially when America has a highly lucrative skin care industry, but there is a distinct difference culturally in how Europeans treat their skin and how Americans do. One of the key differences is that of prevention versus correction.

Many specific skin treatments are readily provided in Europe that America is just now getting wind of. This is typically because Americans tend to wait until they start seeing skin issues and abnormalities before getting specific treatments. In this way, we are very reactionary when it comes to our skin. We see a fine line, a wrinkle or a bit of dullness and then we begin to give our skin the proper attention and care it requires. Contrarily, Europeans tend to start these type of treatments early as they are known for taking preventative measures. This is a much more proactive approach to the care and health of skin.

An effective procedure that can be performed as a preventative measure is called mesotherapy. There are several specific benefits tied to this practice and the positive effect it can have on your skin. The primary focus of mesotherapy is an intensely hydrating and restorative process. High levels of vitamins, hyaluronic acid and antioxidants come together and provide the skin with an enriching and regenerating experience. This skin procedure will leave you with luscious and completely renewed skin.

The vitamin mixtures within the INNO TDS line are highly effective and powerful. Vitamin C is considered to be the very best vitamin for the health and radiance of the skin and the presence of it within the infusions helps to nourish and revive your skin instantly. Antioxidant properties are so profoundly important when it comes to your face. Many don't think about how specific environmental outliers threaten the quality of your skin on a daily basis in the form of free radicals. A mesotherapy treatment is the perfect pick me up for skin.

Essentially mesotherapy is an injection of various serums into the upper, foremost layers of the epidermis. With the delivery system to the lower layers of the epidermis, this direct type of treatment gets right underneath the skin without having to go through the penetration process. It skips a couple of steps that a night cream needs to take and also manages to be simpler than surgery.

Due to the different needs that every individuals has, an incredible benefit of the mesotherapy is the ability to shift and adjust types of infusions based on the specific need of the face. Depending on things like genetics, lifestyle, diet, etc. the problem areas on your skin aren't the same as your counterparts. We all need specific help in different areas, so whether you need wrinkle help, a radiance booster, or something to lighten hyper pigmentation, you have options with the variety of infusions available. These treatments are so effective that visible results can be seen after the very first session. Now that's impressive!

There's no sense in waiting until the signs of trouble have already shown up on your skin. Take the initiative to protect and cherish your skin before you start to experience more severe issues. This decision could very well be the difference between radiant and flawless skin and skin that doesn't react well when the approach is too little too late. Look into the specifics of mesotherapy today! You'll certainly be glad that you did.


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